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Your Free Content Audit Template


What is a content audit? It's a simple tool that allows you to see what content you've got, what works, what's missing, and helps you generate some amazing ideas along the way.

It's the easiest way to organise your content and is the ideal starting point for your content planning process.

This free, customisable Excel template includes everything you need to complete a content audit:

  • A Content Record sheet to store the details of each piece of content you've created, it's type, review dates, where it's located and where you've distributed it.

  • A Content Engagement Audit sheet to store engagement metrics across the different platforms you use including your website, email marketing and social media channels.

  • A Content Ideas sheet to store all the wonderful ideas you have so you don't lose them. 

Get started today! Simply fill out the form below and a copy of the template will be sent directly to your inbox.

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