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Packages to get your content project off the ground quickly.

With all the variables in play for a content assignment like length, research required, expertise, planning time, content format, and value delivered, work is generally quoted on a per-project basis.

However, Veracity Content offers a small number of packages that are great value if you’ve got a specific project or want to jump-start your content efforts.

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  • Blog Packages
    Haven’t got the time to get your fortnightly or monthly blog posts out but the topics and FAQs from keyword research, clients, and your salespeople are coming in thick and fast? These packages offer a generous discount on a single blog post price and give you everything you need to publish and promote your new articles, without the stress. My posts are well-researched, include links or citations to sources (whichever you prefer), or can be created from interviews, podcasts, presentations, training materials or webinars that you provide. Each blog post is up to 1500 words in length and includes basic keyword research for SEO (if keywords aren’t already provided), research, interviewing (if needed), meta description, two rounds of amends, plus LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram captions. Two rounds of amends are included per blog. 3 Blogs $1,500 AUD incl GST 6 Blogs $2,800 AUD incl GST
  • Key Brand Messages
    This package is ideal if you need a suite of clear statements about your brand that can be used across all marketing touchpoints and want to deliver a strong promise to your audience. It’s particularly helpful if you are about to embark on a rebrand, new website or new service/product launch. A 1-hour key stakeholder meeting Mission Vision Tagline A one-sentence elevator pitch statement USP/’Why Choose Us’ statement for up to 3 audience segments Overall ‘Value’ statement for up to 3 audience segments Benefit statements for each product/service Features statements for each product/service $800 AUD incl GST
  • Tone of Voice Definition and Written Style Guide
    This document makes it simple for anyone you work with to deliver consistent messages about your brand and ensures that all communication materials are delivered in a consistent and recognisable voice that is distinctly ‘you’. Personas (x3) with an example message for each Brand messaging (as per Key Brand Messages package) Definition of written personality, tone of voice guidance and examples Editorial guidelines (e.g. spelling, use of acronyms, use of capitalisation, bullet points, key terms/phrases) $1,200 AUD incl GST
  • Website Package
    2 x 1-hour project meetings Home page About page Contact Us page 3 x Product/Services pages 1 additional page per client requirements Includes planning document and on-page SEO document with image alt tags and meta descriptions 2 rounds of amends per page $2,000 AUD incl GST *Additional pages $400 each **If you haven’t already got one, I always recommend a new Tone of Voice and Written Brand Guidelines be created before you embark on a new website.
  • Email Campaign
    This package is suitable if you need a welcome campaign for new customers or subscribers, are promoting a live webinar, are launching a new training or coaching program or learning product, or if you want to reengage existing or lapsed customers. This package includes: 2 x 1-hour project meetings Planning with an automation diagram outlining the sequence and timings 6 emails $999 AUD incl GST *Additional emails $200 each
  • New training program, service, or product launch package
    A one-stop-shop copy package for when you need a snappy campaign to promote your latest offer. This page includes: 3 x 1-hour project meetings Key benefits and features messages An email sequence of up to 6 emails 1 Landing page 2 x posts for up to 4 social media channels Copy for 3 adverts on either LinkedIn, Facebook or Google $1,499 AUD incl GST
  • Biography Package
    One of the hardest things to do is to write a blurb about ourselves in a confident and impressive way that doesn’t come across as salesy or inauthentic. Fortunately, the best biographies are written by someone else who can tease out your best qualities and the amazing things you’ve done. Make this dreaded task easy on yourself and hand it to me! You’ll receive a package of bio lengths — 100 words, 300 words and 500 words — that you can use for multiple purposes: on your LinkedIn profile, on your website, in conference programs, and at the front or back of training materials. $500 AUD incl GST

For a chat about your content project or to request a customised quote, please get in touch.

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