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Katrina Strathearn

I believe that people want content that is fresh, answers their burning questions and makes them feel connected — to a brand, to their place in the world and to the people around them.


As a copywriter based on the Sunshine Coast, I've created Veracity Content to help businesses and marketers short on time and expertise to create effective, beautifully written content that does just that. 

Before setting up Veracity Content, I enjoyed a twelve-year career in marketing and public relations that took me from Australia to the UK, the US and back again. I was fortunate to work in B2B and B2C roles in arts and tourism, publishing, management consultancy, SaaS and technology, and higher education with some very talented people. 

As I reflected on my career in early 2016, it was clear that the thing I loved most about each role was organising ideas and creating brilliant written content, and my business was born. 

I have now refined my offering to become a content writer and strategist exclusively for executive coaches, life coaches, e-learning providers and training providers in Australia and the UK.

Today, I get excited pulling ideas and research together to create content that says what the customer wants to hear — whether it's a blog, presentation or website.


And like any good word nerd, I love sitting down with a coffee, a chocolate biscuit and a draft and taking to it with a red pen!


Why? Because after all of that work, it's a true joy to see a polished piece of content I know will spark an 'aha' moment in a reader. 


Everything I do is grounded in a deep love of reading and learning that was sparked when I picked up a novel at the tender age of six. Now, I make time to update my qualifications and learning from industry experts as I believe that you can always be better.

— Katrina Strathearn

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Qualifications & Training

  • 2019 Hubspot Academy: Content Marketing Certification

  • 2017 E-Marketeers: Google Analytics

  • 2017 E-Marketeers: SEO Fast Track ​​

  • 2016 E-Marketeers: Digital Content Strategy

  • 2016 Society for Editors & Proofreaders (SfEP): Copy-Editing 1

  • 2016 Society for Editors & Proofreaders (SfEP): Proofreading 1 & 2

  • 2016 Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM): Award in Digital Copywriting

  • 2015 Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM): Copywriting Masterclass

  • 2015 London School of Journalism: Lifestyle Journalism Course

  • 2008 Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia: Post Grad Cert. Business – PR

  • 2004 Griffith University, Australia: Bachelor of Business – Leisure Management

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