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Freelance Copy-editing Services

Why is your content just 'good' but not 'great'? Often, the answer lies in using a fresh pair of eyes to ensure your content does exactly what you want it to.

Your copy may not be effective be because it focuses on what you want it to say but not what your audience wants to read. Or your wonderful ideas are hidden amongst structural issues, a lack of flow or grammatical errors. 

Copy editing takes raw written material and ensures that's clear, easy to read, free of errors, omissions or inconsistencies, and meets your objectives before it is formatted or sent to a designer. 

As the client, it's your choice whether the copy-edit is a once over or whether you require heavy editing or reworking of the text. In any case, rest assured that while your voice as the author will remain, your syntax issues will not!

Punctuation, grammar and spelling are just the start: I will check for consistency against house-style or referencing protocols, clarify facts and jargon, and analyse the structure and flow of the document.
Work is usually conducted in Microsoft Word using track changes however, I am happy to work on Google Docs or Confluence pages if required.

As they say, you can't edit a blank page. So, let's begin.

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