My Approach

Veracity, noun [u]:
UK   /vəˈræs.ə.ti/  us   /vɚˈæs.ə.t̬i/ formal

The quality of being true, honest, or accurate

Veracity,  combined with flexibility, listening, collaboration and clarity, guides how I approach my work and client relationships.

I follow a standard process for all projects that keeps quality and communication at the top of the agenda while allowing me to work in a way that suits the client and the type of content we're working on.



1. Introduction meeting

This short meeting can take place over Zoom, Skype or in-person and is to help us both determine if my services are a great fit for your content project.

I ask plenty of questions about your business, the type of content you need help with, what your expectations are in terms of deliverables, your goals and objectives and how you like to work.

2. Brief & agreement

Years of experience in the marketing sector have taught me that you really do get what you ask for, so each piece of work starts with a clear and meaningful brief.

After our introduction meeting, I'll email you a client survey and a brief template which you can complete in your own time and your own words. These documents give me valuable information about your business, brand and project, and help me create a proposal for your project. I also refer back to these during our work together to ensure I'm meeting your needs.

Once you are happy with my proposal, I'll send you a work agreement. Then we're set to start work.

3. Working together

Every content project is different and deserves a tailored approach that suits the type of content and the client so I'm flexible during this phase.


Regular communication is vital, particularly when you work remotely, so I like to schedule a call before I start work and again after I submit a draft to you to ensure I am on track to meet your expectations.


When I begin, it's helpful for me to read extra material so I can better understand the work required, your objectives and your audience. I welcome samples of previous work, research, supporting documentation or examples of pieces that have inspired you.


Work is usually carried out in Microsoft Word, but I can work in Google Docs or Confluence if you prefer. I love using Dropbox to share and transfer files - it avoids unnecessarily clogging up inboxes and worrying that emails haven't been received. I also use Trello for project management.

4. Delivery


Your beautiful new content will be delivered to you electronically as a Word document, in Google Docs or Dropbox. I can email your copy directly to designers if you wish. 

I often include proofreading in my proposal as I like to ensure work is perfect before it is published or printed. This will be the last step before you sign-off on your project. 

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